Saudi Arabia Bans Pilgrims from Performing Second Umrah During Ramadan

Authorities have clarified that performing Umrah, or the minor pilgrimage in Mecca, multiple times during the fasting month of Ramadan is not permitted to alleviate overcrowding.

Ramadan signifies the busiest period for Umrah pilgrimages to Islam’s holiest site, the Grand Mosque, with millions of Muslims expected to visit the kingdom for this purpose.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has emphasised that individuals are not allowed to obtain permits for performing two or more Umrahs during Ramadan. They urge believers to adhere to these restrictions, which aim to ease congestion, provide others with the opportunity to perform Umrah and facilitate crowd management.

Umrah permits can be acquired through the Nusuk app. However, when attempting to obtain a permit for the second time, a message appears stating: “The permit issuance fails. To allow everyone the chance to perform Umrah, the minor pilgrimage cannot be repeated in Ramadan.”

During Ramadan, Muslims worldwide travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and offer prayers. Unlike Hajj, Umrah can be performed at any time of the year.

The Saudi authorities have put in place several measures to handle the anticipated influx and make sure that worshippers can carry out their rituals without incident.

Specific gates of the mosques have been designated for pilgrims’ entry and exit to prevent overcrowding. Following the conclusion of the Umrah season, preparations will begin for Hajj, scheduled to commence in June this year. Saudi Arabian authorities anticipate welcoming around 2 million pilgrims for this year’s Hajj season.

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