Ignite Launches DigiSkills Batch-07 Training Program

Ignite’s DigiSkills Training Program, Batch-07, is set to commence today with an overwhelming response from Pakistani learners.

Enrollments for Batch-07 have been swiftly filled. With all 300,000 seats taken up in just 23 days, highlighting the program’s immense popularity and demand.

The DigiSkills Training Program (DSTP) offers a diverse range of 15 online courses, completely free of cost. These courses are meticulously designed by highly qualified trainers, ensuring top-notch instruction in various digital skills.

Moreover, the DSTP team provides robust support services through official communication channels, enhancing the learning experience for participants.

DigiSkills.pk stands as Pakistan’s largest training program, offering premier free online courses in freelancing skills. Since its inception in 2018, DigiSkills.pk has become a vital part of Pakistan’s digital education ecosystem, conducting over 3.5 million trainings to date.

Notably, DigiSkills.pk is dedicated to women’s empowerment, with over 800,000 women trained across Pakistan. The program has played a key role in breaking gender barriers in the digital sphere. DigiSkills.pk has also positioned Pakistan as the 4th largest provider of online freelancers globally, showcasing the nation’s digital prowess.

The courses cover a wide range of topics, from freelancing and digital marketing to graphic design and SEO.

By equipping participants with relevant skills, DigiSkills.pk empowers individuals and drives Pakistan’s digital transformation, paving the way for a brighter future in the digital age.

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