New Installment Plan For Vlektra Electric Bikes

Say goodbye to worrying about fuel prices while riding your motorcycle, thanks to Vlektra Electric Motorcycles exciting new installment plan for all its electric models! This plan makes the thrill of electric biking more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Let’s delve into the details of Vlektra’s 24-month installment plan:

  1. Velocity’s Installment Plan
  • With a down payment of Rs. 180,000 and a monthly installment of just Rs. 9,948, the Velocity Installment plan offers a 0% markup option. It’s an excellent choice for riders looking to transition to electric biking affordably.
  1. 1969 – The Second Variant
  • For those craving more power and style, the 1969 – The Second Variant model delivers. Offering a 0% markup plan, this bike requires a slightly higher down payment of Rs. 275,505, with monthly installments set at Rs. 17,720. Despite the higher initial cost, its unmatched performance and design justify the investment.
  1. BOLT – A Fusion of Technology & Comfort
  • If cutting-edge technology and comfort are your priorities, the BOLT – A Fusion of Technology & Comfort is the ideal choice. With a down payment of Rs. 260,945 and monthly installments of Rs. 16,310 under the 0% markup plan, riders can experience a seamless blend of innovation and luxury.
  1. Retro – The Electric Solution
  • Catering to vintage aesthetics enthusiasts, the Retro model offers a perfect balance of style and affordability. With a down payment of Rs. 190,000 and monthly installments of Rs. 9,965, this model is a stylish yet budget-friendly option.

Are you considering Vlektra’s new installment plan? Share your views with us in the comments section!

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