Government Considers Buyback Rates for Net Metering Electricity

The government is thinking about lowering the rates it pays for net metering electricity, considering a decrease from Rs. 21 to Rs. 11 per unit.

This decision comes because the Power Division is worried that too many net metering installations, mainly by wealthier people, are causing problems for the government’s plans to pay off capacity charges.

The Power Division believes that consumers have already gotten a lot of benefits from net metering, and now the power sector is starting to decline.

Even though the government supports the use of solar energy, it thinks that the current rates it pays for net metering electricity are too high.

As of March 31, 2024, about 6000 MW of solar panels had been brought into the country, which helped generate 3000 MW of electricity.

In 2022, NEPRA proposed changing the rules to raise the average rate people get for selling their solar power to the government to Rs. 19.32 per unit.

However after opposition from different groups, NEPRA decided not to change the rules. NEPRA understands its job is to keep electricity costs down, reduce how much money the country spends on foreign things, and limit losses, all while supporting the government’s goal of using more affordable and clean energy sources.

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