Honda Launches 3 New Electric Cars 

Honda debuted three new electric vehicles in China at the Beijing Auto Show, branding them under the Ye Series.

The lineup includes the Ye P7 and Ye S7 models, the concept vehicle Ye GT. This unveiling marks Honda’s commitment to expanding its electric vehicle portfolio, with plans to introduce a total of six models in China by 2027.

Each of these new vehicles features the latest ‘H’ logo, designed with a borderless and flattened aesthetic, symbolizing the brand’s embrace of EV technology.

The design philosophy behind the Ye Series is rooted in the concept of ‘man Maximum and Machine Minimum’ (MM), focusing on the joy of driving.

Ye P7

The Ye P7 embodies the philosophy of ‘shine brilliantly’ and is built on a newly developed EV platform aimed at enhancing the driving experience and comfort level. It integrates AI-powered assistance and will be available in two configurations: single motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor rear-wheel drive.

Ye S7

The Ye S7 crossover, along with the P7, is the first model in the new electric car series. It prioritizes spacious interiors and intelligent driving assistance while offering sporty handling and a responsive attitude. Both models are set to hit the market later this year.


The Ye GT concept is a grand touring EV car built on the same platform as the P7 and S7. It has a low-profile design that is similar to the driving position of a race car and offers dynamic design appeal, a pleasurable ride, and a novel passenger-centric display. Although there are currently few details available regarding the interior and powertrains, it is scheduled for release by the end of 2025.

These new EVs align with Honda’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and mark a significant step towards capturing the progressive Chinese market.

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