Morocco Offering Scholarships for Pakistani Students

The Moroccan Agency of International Cooperation (AMCI) in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has announced scholarships for Pakistani/AJK students.

These scholarships offer opportunities for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD studies at Moroccan Public Institutions of Higher Education.

Nomination Criteria and Test Requirements

Applicants are required to provide valid scores in either the HAT (Higher Education Aptitude Test) or USAT (Undergraduate Studies Admission Test). The criteria for nomination differ based on the level of study. HAT scores are required for master’s and PhD programs, while USAT scores are necessary for bachelor’s programs. However, HEC reserves the right to modify these criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

For undergraduate programs, a minimum of 12 years of education (equivalent to FSC/A-level) is required, with applicants being under the age of 23. For master’s programs, a minimum of 16 years of education in relevant fields is necessary, and for PhD programs, a minimum of 18 years of education in the relevant field is required.

Available Programs

The Moroccan Government is offering scholarships for programs in various fields, including Medical Studies, Paramedical Science, Commercial and Management Science, Engineering and Technological Science, Agronomic and Veterinary Science, and Architecture.

Language Requirements

As French is the primary language in many Moroccan training establishments, candidates admitted to these institutions will undergo refresher courses in the French language during the academic year 2024/2025. Proficiency in Arabic is required for courses in “Arabic Language and Literature” and “Islamic Studies,” while the option between Arabic or French is available for “Legal Science.”

Application Process

Candidates must apply online through the HEC portal and select the “Moroccan Government Scholarship Program” after registering and filling out their profile. The deadline for online applications is May 10, 2024. Applicants are not required to submit hard copies of documents at this stage.

Document Submission

Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit various documents, including attested copies of educational documents, CNIC, a letter of motivation, certificates of outstanding educational performances and extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and for doctoral students, a dissertation/thesis prepared for obtaining the Master’s degree and the doctoral thesis proposal.

Additional Requirements

Candidates must also submit a non-criminal record (Police Clearance Certificate) not older than six months before the application deadline, a medical certificate of satisfactory health condition, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employer if applicable.

By following these guidelines and fulfilling the requirements, Pakistani/AJK students can avail themselves of the opportunity to pursue higher education in Morocco through these scholarships.

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