Forland Safaari Is Now Available In Easy Installments

In the realm of automotive updates, it’s not just about price reductions; enticing offers from car companies are also making waves in the market. Adding to the recent streak of price cuts, JW Forland has introduced an installment plan for its MPV, the Safaari.

In a recent social media announcement, the company unveiled a 12-month equal installment plan with 50% upfront payment for both the 7-seater and 10-seater Safaari models, making it easier for customers to realize their dream of owning a family vehicle.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Alongside the installment plan, JW Forland has also slashed the prices of the MPV Safaari:

  • The Safari 10-seater sees a significant price reduction of Rs. 400,000, now priced at Rs. 3,599,000 compared to its previous rate of Rs. 3,999,000.
  • Similarly, the Safari 7-seater witnesses a price decrease of Rs. 300,000, now available at Rs. 3,499,000 as opposed to the previous Rs. 3,799,000.

Both variants of the Safari are now open for booking at these revised rates, with immediate delivery options adding further appeal to the offer.

But there’s more to the Forland Safaari than just its attractive pricing. Boasting impressive dimensions – 4200mm in length, 1680mm in width, and 1965mm in height – this MPV commands attention wherever it goes. With a generous wheelbase of 270mm and a ground clearance of 172mm, passengers can expect a smooth and comfortable journey.

Under the hood, both Safaari variants are powered by a robust 1480cc 6-speed in-line 4-cylinder engine, paired with an electronic fuel injector, ensuring dynamic performance and fuel efficiency on any road.

What are your thoughts on the installment option for the Forland Safaari? Do you anticipate its discontinuation? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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