Government is Increasing Passport Fees From May 8th

The Pakistani government has recently announced a substantial revision in the fees for the fast-track category of passports, set to be implemented from May 8 onwards.

As per a notification issued today, the fee for a 36-page Machine Readable (MR) passport, valid for five years, will now stand at Rs. 12,500.

Additionally, the fee for a 72-page passport, also valid for five years, has been adjusted to Rs. 18,500, while for a 100-page passport, the new fee will be Rs. 23,000. Moreover, the fees for 36, 72, and 100-page MR passports with a validity period of 10 years have been similarly updated.

Officials have highlighted that while fees for ordinary and urgent passports saw prior increments, those for fast-track services remained unchanged until now.

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