Unsafe Water Alert: 19 Brands Identified

On Tuesday, the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) issued a statement disclosing that 19 bottled and mineral water brands have been identified as unsafe for humans.

Among the flagged brands, six – Hensley Pure Water, Pure Life, Natural Pure Life, Klear, Am Mughal Pure Water, and Nero – contain high sodium levels. Notably, Nero exceeded the permissible limit of total dissolved solids (TDS), rendering it unsafe for consumption.

Additionally, Cleana, Orwell, and Still were flagged due to elevated arsenic levels surpassing the allowed limit. Furthermore, these brands have bacterial contamination, as per the PCRWR report.

Brand NameContaminated with Bacteria
Al-Faris WaterYes
Nestlo Healthy WaterYes
Pure LifeYes
Natural Pure LifeYes
Geo Max PremiumYes
7 BroYes

The PCRWR has urged the federal government to conduct quarterly monitoring of bottled and mineral water brands. And also make the results public to enhance public awareness.

During the period from January to March, a total of 185 samples from various bottled water brands were collected across 21 cities. Upon analysis, it was revealed that 19 brands did not meet the quality standards set by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). Thus posing risks to human health due to either microbiological or chemical contamination.

The PCRWR has advised consumers to refer to the detailed report to ascertain the water quality status of the bottled water brands they use. The comprehensive report is accessible on the PCRWR website at www.pcrwr.gov.pk.

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