Yamaha Introduced “New” YB125Z 

Yamaha Pakistan has recently introduced the “new” Yamaha YB125Z with much fanfare on social media, touting it as a blend of timeless elegance and modern engineering.

According to the company, this latest offering combines classic design with cutting-edge features, promising quality and comfort in equal measure.

Targeting discerning riders who value durability, sophistication, and innovation, the new YB125Z boasts updated graphics and is offered in Vivid Cocktail Red and Metallic Black variants, as per Yamaha’s announcement. However, beyond cosmetic changes, there appears to be little innovation in terms of engine, performance, or comfort.

Once again, the primary alteration seems to be the introduction of a new sticker—a common trend in the Pakistani bike market. Nevertheless, the addition of new colors is touted as technological advancement, signaling the future of bikes. Amidst this, Yamaha’s move is hailed as a significant leap towards futuristic technology, deserving appreciation. Bravo!

Specs & Features 

Yamaha Pakistan has introduced the “new” Yamaha YB125Z, blending timeless elegance with modern engineering, as per a social media announcement. Despite claims of classic design and advanced features, the focus seems to be on cosmetic changes rather than substantial upgrades.

Crafted for riders valuing durability, sophistication, and innovation, the updated YB125Z showcases refreshed graphics and is available in Vivid Cocktail Red and Metallic Black color options. However, the core engine, performance, and comfort aspects remain unchanged.

Special Features 

As per the bike’s brochure, here are the special features highlighted:

  • Eye-catching graphic design
  • Electric starter & kick starter
  • 5-speed transmission with engine balance
  • Multi-functional instrument panel
  • Spacious and comfortable long seat
  • Halogen headlight
  • Convenient gear shift pattern
  • 5-level adjustable rear suspension
  • Extended mud flap

As mentioned earlier, there are no notable improvements in power or performance; instead, the company has opted for the usual approach of introducing a new sticker to promote the bike as “new.” This trend is consistent in the local bike market of Pakistan, where companies often prioritize exterior revisions over engine advancements.

Despite the emphasis on exterior revisions, the bike’s brochure highlights several features, including an electric starter, a multi-functional instrument panel, and adjustable rear suspension.


The new Yamaha YB125Z is priced at Rs. 424,000, according to the company.


While the cosmetic changes and new colour options may appeal to some, the lack of substantial upgrades in power and performance may disappoint enthusiasts. Share your thoughts on the changes introduced with the “new” Yamaha YB125Z in the comments below.

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