Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan Drop by Half

Solar panel prices in Pakistan have recently plummeted to Rs. 37 per Watt, a significant drop from Rs. 80 per Watt in 2022.

The prices of solar panels have declined due to an oversupply in the local market and a downward trend in international rates. Over the past 6 months, rates have decreased by nearly 30 percent, with panels from various brands now available at around Rs. 37 per Watt.

As a result of this decrease, a 5kW solar power system is now Rs. 215,000 cheaper, leading to an overall reduction of Rs. 430,000 in the price of a 5kW system.

While rates for inverters and batteries have remained unchanged amidst these fluctuations, discussions have arisen regarding potential taxation on residential and commercial solar power consumers.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA-G) proposed a fixed tax of Rs. 2,000 per kilowatt on both residential and commercial solar panel users.

However, the Power Division later refuted reports of imposing this tax, although it did not deny discussions about reducing buyback rates for net metering electricity from the current Rs. 21 to Rs. 11 per unit.

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