Yamaha YB125Z Latest Installment Plan With Meezan Bank

Yamaha has recently introduced some updates to its YB125Z variant, showcasing a new graphic design on its fuel tank and side covers.

This two-wheeler represents a fusion of timeless elegance and modern engineering. With its classic design and advanced features, the YB125Z offers both quality and comfort.

Designed for riders who appreciate durability, sophistication, and innovation, the new YB125Z now features refreshed graphics.

Powered by an OHC 125 CC engine and a five-speed transmission system, Yamaha engines are known for delivering decent fuel efficiency, making them a popular choice among stylish motorcycle enthusiasts.

For some potential buyers, the upfront cost of purchasing a Yamaha YB125Z might be high. In such cases, they can explore the installment plans offered by Meezan Apni Bike Financing.

As of May 2024, the price of the Yamaha YB125Z in Pakistan is Rs 424,000.

The financing is Shariah-compliant and follows the Musawammah mode, which involves the bank purchasing the motorcycle from the market and then selling it to the customer through mutually agreed-upon monthly installments over the selected tenure. This method can make it easier for potential buyers to purchase their dream motorcycle without breaking the bank all at once.

Here’s a one-year installment plan with a 30 percent down payment for the Yamaha YB125Z.

Down PaymentRs118,800 (30%)
Processing FeeRs1,800
Total UpfrontRs120,600
Number of Months12
Per Month InstallmentRs27,710

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