Islamabad Police Launch ‘Mechanic on Wheels’ Service

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has started a new service called ‘Mechanic on Wheels’ to help people when their vehicles or motorcycles break down. This service was introduced by Inspector General of Police (IGP) Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi.

How the Service Works

The ‘Mechanic on Wheels’ service is available 24/7. If your vehicle breaks down, you can call the ITP helpline at 1915 for help. A mechanic will come to your location to fix the problem. A spokesperson for the ITP said that they are working hard to help citizens and make travel easier. The goal of this service is to reduce the trouble people face when their vehicles break down.

Islamabad Police Launch ‘Mechanic on Wheels’ Service

Goals and Benefits

The main aim of this service is to make travel smoother and safer for everyone in Islamabad. By providing quick mechanical help, the ITP hopes to prevent delays and get vehicles back on the road as soon as possible. People in Islamabad have welcomed the new service and appreciate the ITP’s efforts to provide better roadside assistance.

Future Plans

The ITP will keep an eye on the service to ensure it is working well and make improvements as needed. They might also expand the service to handle more complex vehicle issues in the future. The ‘Mechanic on Wheels’ service is a big step forward in improving roadside assistance and ensuring the safety and convenience of drivers in Islamabad.

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