Yamaha Pakistan Announces Exciting New Offer for Buyers

To boost sales, Yamaha has introduced an exciting new campaign called “Yamaha Mega Wins.” This promotion runs from May 20th to August 31st, 2024, offering customers who buy Yamaha motorcycles a chance to win prizes.

Prizes to be Won

  • Smartphones: 60 lucky winners will receive new smartphones.
  • Umrah Pilgrimage Tickets: 30 winners will get return tickets for an Umrah pilgrimage, offering a unique spiritual journey.
  • Fuel Cards: 300 winners will be awarded fuel cards valid for six months, helping to ease commuting costs.

Special Installment Plan for Yamaha YBR125G

In March, Yamaha Pakistan announced a new installment plan for their YBR125G bike. Buyers can pay off the bike over 12 months with no extra fees or interest, making the monthly payment Rs. 29,000. The plan requires a down payment of Rs. 164,000, which covers the processing fee and bike registration. Additionally, Yamaha offers a 24-month payment plan with standard markup rates and extra costs.

Yamaha’s new offers aim to attract more customers by making it easier and more rewarding to purchase their motorcycles.

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