YouTube’s Mini Games Are Now Available to Everyone

YouTube Premium introduced Playables last year, allowing users to enjoy arcade games on the platform without needing to download separate apps. Now, this feature is available to all YouTube users, adding Google to the list of companies with gaming services.

Accessing YouTube Playables

YouTube Playables is accessible on both mobile (iOS/Android) and desktop. You can find it in the sidebar, accessed through the hamburger menu in the top left corner. However, some users might experience a delay as the update is not yet available everywhere.

Games and Progress Tracking

Currently, Playables features 75 games, with YouTube saving your progress and keeping track of your high scores. Popular titles include mobile games like Angry Birds Showdown!, Cut the Rope, and Trivia Crack, along with various puzzle games and chess versions.

Growing Trend of Games on Platforms

YouTube Playables initially launched with a limited number of games in late 2023 and was only available for a short period before ending in March this year. The trend of integrating games into different platforms is growing, with companies like LinkedIn and Netflix also adding gaming options. Netflix is even rumored to be planning the creation of AAA games.

Other Companies Adding Games

Unexpected companies such as The New York Times and Hearst Publications have also added games to their services. Google, the company behind YouTube, previously introduced Google Stadia, although that project was eventually discontinued.

YouTube Playables’ expansion reflects the increasing interest in combining gaming with other digital services.

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