Govt Bans Three-Phase Meters

The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has announced a major shift in its metering system by banning three-phase meters for all consumers. This change is part of LESCO’s efforts to modernize its infrastructure and enhance billing accuracy.

To replace the old three-phase meters, LESCO is now installing Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) meters. These advanced meters aim to improve the accuracy of meter readings, reduce overbilling issues, and prevent electricity theft.

However, the transition to AMR meters comes with additional costs for consumers. LESCO has stated that consumers will need to pay an extra Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 due to the price difference between the old and new meters. The total cost for purchasing and installing an AMR meter will be Rs 42,000.

The installation of AMR meters is expected to bring several benefits:

  1. Reduced Overbilling: AMR meters provide more accurate readings, minimizing the chances of overbilling.
  2. Reduction in Electricity Theft: The new system is more secure, making it harder for electricity theft to occur.
  3. Online Billing: Consumers will have the convenience of online billing, streamlining the payment process.
  4. Modern Technology: The use of AMR meters represents a significant technological upgrade, offering better service and convenience for consumers.

This transition follows LESCO’s earlier initiative of replacing bidirectional meters for solar systems with AMR meters. The success of that project has likely influenced the decision to expand the use of AMR technology.

Overall, LESCO’s move to replace three-phase meters with AMR meters marks a significant step towards modernizing the electricity infrastructure and improving service for its consumers.

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