Hajj 2024: Smart Robot Service Launched To Assist Pilgrims

A smart robot service has been launched in Madinah to help pilgrims visiting the Prophet’s Mosque. This project, created by the Ministry of Health in Madinah, places a robot in the courtyard near the Prophet’s Mosque. The robot provides educational messages, guidance, and health instructions in over 96 languages to ensure the safety and awareness of pilgrims.

Additionally, volunteer and awareness teams from the Health Ministry in Madinah are actively working to assist the pilgrims. These teams consist of 220 male and female volunteers and over 12 teams who work around the clock.

They provide health and emergency services during the Hajj season at the Prophet’s Mosque, its access roads, Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport, and Haramain Train Station, as well as the mosques of Quba, Khandaq, Sayyid Al-Shuhada, and Miqat Dhul-Hulaifah.

The Pakistan Hajj Mission (PHM) has welcomed 98,500 pilgrims to Madinah and Makkah through both government and private schemes since the pre-Hajj 2024 flight operation began on May 9.

According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony spokesman Muhammad Umer Butt, 62,500 pilgrims have arrived via 236 flights under the government scheme, while over 36,000 have arrived through the private scheme.

Hajj is a sacred pilgrimage and one of the five pillars of Islam. Each year, millions of Muslims from around the world travel to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, to perform Hajj.

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