Tourist ‘Glass Train’ to Run Between Rawalpindi, Murree

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has approved launching a tourist glass train project between Rawalpindi and Murree to promote regional tourism.

The approval was granted during a meeting chaired by the chief minister in Murree, aimed at enhancing the beauty of the popular hill station.

To execute the glass train project, the government will hire international consultants.

The chief minister also approved various other development and beautification projects for Murree. This includes removing high-rise hotel buildings obstructing the natural scenery of Mall Road in Rawalpindi.

Additionally, the construction and expansion of the old Rawalpindi-Murree-Kashmir Road was approved.

Furthermore, the government has decided to remove hotels around GPO Chowk and restore all old buildings in the area.

Murree attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the country every year.

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