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FBR Launches ‘Maloomat Tax-Ray’ App to Facilitate Public

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched the Maloomat Tax-Ray App to facilitate the taxpayers’ and the general public.According to the details, through Maloomat Tax-Ray app taxpayers and the general public can get information about their assets and withholding deductions. The information obtained from the application will help the taxpayers

Lock&Stock, Mobile App Focusing on Ending ‘Digital Addiction’, Begins Operations in Pakistan

Mobile application Lock&Stock — that aims to end "digital addiction" among students — has kickstarted its operations in Pakistan, according to a press release by the company."Digital addiction among students is on the rise with especially 16-18-year-olds spending hundreds of hours glued to their smartphones. Our brand purpose is to

Police Introduce A for Karachi Citizens to Verify Track Record of Tenants, Hired Help

Police on Sunday introduced a new application for verification of tenants and employees which will enable citizens to access information without coming to the police station."The application will provide details of criminal records of domestic workers," the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Shiraz Nazir said,Noting that the process of