Winter Holiday’s Notification issued in Pakistan

Winter break starts on December 23 and ends on December 31. The first day of the new school term will be on January 1. A notification has been issued by the education department.

As per pervious history due to weather condition every year government extended the holidays. In November due to smog many sudden holidays given by government to schools and private sectors.

It is expected that holidays will be extended till 6th January.

Winter vacation brings many events with it, for whole Europe December a month of celebrations because of Christmas and New Year event.

In Pakistan 25 December has also significant impotence as its birthday of funder of Pakistan Quid-I-Azam.

Other important events are going to be held in country during this months are:

CPEC Construction Expo

 14 – 16 Dec 2019

 Karachi Expo Center, Karachi, Pakistan

International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology

 16 – 18 Dec 2019

 COMSTECH, Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan Lifestyle Furniture Expo

 20 – 22 Dec 2019

Lahore International Expo Centre, Lahore, Pakistan

International Conference on Intelligence and Safety for Robotics

 26 Dec 2019 4.2/5

 Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi, PakistanBusiness Excellence Awards & Expo

 27 – 29 Dec 2019 Lahore Expo Center, Lahore, Pakistan

Food plus Technology Pakistan

 27 – 29 Jan 2020

Lahore International Expo Centre, Lahore, Pakistan

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