Xiaomi Patents a Phone Case that can store & Wirelessly Reverse Charge your Earbuds

Before China Intellectual Property Association (CNIPA), Xiaomi has filed a design patent application. The patent which the Indian blog 91Mobiles discovered for the first time shows the company works on something amazing and fascinating.

The patent shows a new idea for an adapter that would load your real wireless earbuds with a smartphone. The solution will use smartphones ‘ reverse charging feature, but it will be completely wireless this time around.

The patent description reads, “This appearance design product is a mobile phone accessory, which can be installed on the mobile phone, used to store the earphone, and charge the headset.”

From the description, we can grab that the device will be a phone case with a holding bay at the back which could serve as a storage case for the pair of earbuds. The case can also be used to charge the earbuds while inside. The only way this can happen is via reverse wireless charging.

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