Nida Yasir is launching her very own clothing brand

The morning show host says her clothing line, NYC is equipped towards “ladies who acknowledge tasteful cuts and excellent textures”.

Talking to the media about what inspired her designs, she shared,

“I have always found the season of winter to be romantic and filled with nostalgia. The cool breeze and the rustling of the leaves along with the overall colors of fall/winter are enough to invoke inspiration in anyone.”

“I sat with my creative team and we brought together all the elements that make this collection so vibrantly beautiful. Before we knew what was happening, we had a whole collection in front of us.”

Nida Yasir isn’t the Pakistan celebratory to dispatch an attire brand, numerous different celebs had just thought of the garments brand thought including the Hocane sisters and twin stars Aiman and Minal Khan.

She added, “I have always wanted to reach out to every woman and every household in Pakistan at some level. I feel I am very blessed for this connection and thought it was time to forge new bonds with the audience. The brand boasts high quality fabric and custom dyed hues which will be our trademark and every collection will speak for itself.”

“The fashion industry in Pakistan has picked up exponentially in the last few years but if you ask me, we have always been a fashion-conscious lot. We make fashion statements through everything, from western wear, pert, formal wear to even our hijabs. It’s a thriving market and NYC caters to those who like beautiful silhouettes in colors you can’t find anywhere in our market right now.”

“I have always been passionate about connecting with my audience on a different level and NYC gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that. I am extremely humbled by the response and very excited with the brand going to women who can appreciate classy cuts and premium fabric.”

The brand is currently setting up a website and has set their eyes on opening a flagship store in the future as well but for now, they’re focusing on orders via social media. And NYC is going global fast.

Yasir tells us, “We are already taking orders internationally and have received inquiries from all over the world. Our first international clients are Canada and France-based.”

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