Nokia 9.2 To Feature the World’s First Under-Display Camera

In the beginning, a promise was made to launch the Nokia 9.2 in the first part of 2020, however, HMD Global has decided to move the launch forward in the second half of 2020 to make it a better competitor on the 2020 smartphone market.

Where this knowledge was very disappointing for Nokia fans, the company should improve the internals enough. HMD Global decided to move from Snapdragon 855 of Qualcomm to Snapdragon 865.

Besides that, HMD Global will be in the world of Nokia for the first time, because of recent leaks and rumours, i.e. Nokia 9.2 might be equipped with a selfie camera. This news comes to us through a reliable source renowned in the past for providing accurate information.

The camera remains in testing phases, according to the source. This technology is not unheard of; previously Oppo and Xiaomi showed that the technology must go a long way to supply commercial smartphones but showed it to be similar.

It looks like HMD Global wants to lead the race; however, considering the technology is still in the testing phase, we might not see it in a retail device anytime soon if the company cannot pull through.

Nokia 9.2 has already been in the headlines for its unique rear camera arrangement.

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