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HBL, Huawei Pakistan Enter into Strategic Alliance for Banking and Digital Transformation

HBL and Huawei Pakistan have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to cement their strategic partnership, through projects focused on financial and technological innovation, enabling HBL to augment its existing processes and systems.

Both organisations have already completed milestone projects in 2020 such as the P-note Discounting project and the SD-WAN projects.

HBL President and CEO Muhammad Aurangzeb; Chief Operating Officer Sagheer Mufti; Corporate, Commercial & Investment Banking Head Aamir Irshad; China and Singapore Regional General Manager Farhan Talib; and Technology Head Dr Aamir Matin represented HBL on the occasion, whereas Huawei Middle East Region CFO Tian Bing; Middle East Enterprise President David Shi; Huawei Pakistan CEO Mark Meng; and Chief Technical Officer Shahzad Rasheed represented Huawei.

During the ceremony, an HCIE Certification was also awarded to Mr. Naveed Hussain, who is part of HBL’s network team. Both organisations agreed to work together to focus on technological innovation in digital banking, mobile payment systems, and the cloud platform.Article continues after this advertisement

Commenting on the occasion, Muhammad Aurangzeb, President and CEO-HBL, stated, “We are delighted to enter into a global strategic partnership with Huawei with whom HBL has collaborated on a number of successful projects in the past year. HBL’s relationship with Huawei signals our commitment to becoming a ‘Technology Company with a Banking Licence’, allowing us to serve our customers better. It is also an affirmation of our commitment to making China the lynchpin of HBL’s international strategy, as we grow our business and portfolio in that region.”

Adding to his sentiments, Huawei Middle East CFO stated, “Our achievements cannot be realized without the support from HBL, our strategic bank partner. Since 2019, we have comprehensive business cooperation with HBL on sales financing projects, banking services, while also delivering the SD-WAN project.”

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