Govt Orders to Private Sector Employees to Get Vaccinated 31 July

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Friday said that in view of the “extremely dangerous” Delta (Indian) variant of coronavirus, vaccinations must be ramped up, and provided July 31 as the deadline for workers to get inoculated.

According to a statement by the forum, Delta variant cases have emerged in Pakistan and there is a possibility that these would lead to a fourth coronavirus wave.

To tackle with the variant as well as other variants that have emerged in Pakistan, the NCOC has chalked out a plan of action.

“Failure to take precautionary measures against the Delta variant can lead to dangerous consequences,” said the statement.

The NCOC observed that due to the Delta variant, hundreds of thousands of people in India died, and coupled with a shortage of oxygen, countless people suffered.

The forum decided that enforcement of safety precautions would be ramped up, especially during the July 9-18 period.

Various proposals are under consideration to curb unnecessary movement on Eid, the statement said, adding that the decision to implement the proposals will be made keeping in view the spread of the virus.

The country’s apex COVID-19 body warned of a ban on tourist spots if cases continue to rise.

Workers of the following sectors must get vaccinated by July 31:

  • Private, corporate sector employees.
  • Small, medium and large industry employees.
  • Workers associated with the agriculture and media sectors, lawyers, factory workers, and those who work in markets, including cart vendors.
  • All workers associated with the transport and hotel industry.
  • All gymnasium workers.
  • Employees of mosques, including imams.
  • Employees of workshops and wedding halls.

Students on the other hand, aged 18 and above, are required to get vaccinated by August 31. The NCOC said that no one will be allowed to travel without a vaccination certificate after August 1.

Visitors to tourist spots aged 30 and above will not be allowed without a vaccination certificate.

Moreover, hotel bookings are prohibited without vaccination certificates.

Earlier in the day, NCOC chief Asad Umar said there are “clear early signs” of the fourth COVID-19 wave starting in Pakistan due to poor compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the spread of the Delta variant.

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