Google Bard Can Now Generate AI Images for Free

Recently, Google has incorporated generative AI capabilities into its Maps platform and introduced notable improvements to Bard. A significant update involves Bard’s utilisation of Gemini Pro, Google’s newly unveiled multimodal AI model, across all accessible languages and regions.

Previously, integrating Gemini Pro was confined to the English language for Bard, enhancing comprehension, reasoning, summarization, and coding capabilities.

Furthermore, Bard now possesses the capability to generate images. This feature is available in English and accessible in “most countries worldwide,” at no cost to users. The image generation function is powered by Google’s latest Imagen 2 model, meticulously designed to strike a balance between quality and speed, delivering high-quality and photorealistic results.

To witness how it operates, refer to the video below.

Similar to many other AI image generators, utilizing Bard’s version is as straightforward as inputting a brief description. In response, Bard creates customized and varied visuals to effectively illustrate the given idea. To ensure transparency, Bard utilizes SynthID to embed digitally identifiable watermarks within the pixels of the generated images, providing a clear indication that they are AI-generated.

A notable enhancement is the ability for users to cross-reference Bard’s responses with Google search results in over 40 languages by clicking on the G icon. Bard will check for web content that verifies its response after clicking. Users will see highlighted phrases and be able to look up more information about contradicting or supporting information found through Google search.

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