Inverter Fridge Price in Pakistan 2024

Gone are the days of noisy, inefficient refrigerators. Inverter technology has revolutionised how we keep our food fresh, offering quieter operation, lower energy consumption, and ultimately, cooler savings.

But with brands and models available, navigating the world of inverter fridges in Pakistan can be a chilling task. This article aims to shed light on the current inverter fridge price landscape in Pakistan for 2024.

Factors Affecting Inverter Fridge Prices

Before diving into specific figures, it’s crucial to understand the key factors influencing inverter fridge prices:

  • Brand: Renowned international brands like LG, Samsung, and Haier generally command a premium compared to local brands like Dawlance and PEL.
  • Size and Capacity: Larger fridges with more storage space naturally cost more. Common capacities range from around 6 cubic feet to a spacious 24 cubic feet.
  • Features: Additional bells and whistles like ice dispensers, water dispensers, smart connectivity, and anti-bacterial filters will inflate the price tag.
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: More energy-efficient models boasting higher star ratings will be pricier than their less efficient counterparts.

Price Range for Inverter Fridges in Pakistan 2024

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated price range for inverter fridges in Pakistan, categorized by size:

  • Small Inverter Fridges (6-12 Cubic Feet): Starting from PKR 70,500 and reaching up to PKR 122,800.
  • Medium Inverter Fridges (13-18 Cubic Feet): Expect a range of PKR 90,500 to PKR 153,500.
  • Large Inverter Fridges (19-24 Cubic Feet): Prices can climb from PKR 122,800 to a significant PKR 278,500 for a high-end model.

Popular Inverter Fridge Brands and Price in Pakistan 2024


Inverter Fridge Price in Pakistan 2024

In the market for a stylish and energy-efficient refrigerator? Dawlance has you covered! They’re currently offering a variety of inverter fridges, including the eye-catching 9173WB Avante+ in Sapphire Purple and classic Chrome Hairline Black finishes for both double-door configurations. These models, alongside many others, boast the benefits of inverter technology.

Plus, Dawlance’s website is a great place to start your search, potentially offering valuable discounts on your new fridge. So, if you’re looking to keep your food fresh while saving money on your electricity bill, check out Dawlance’s inverter fridge selection!

A trusted Pakistani brand offering a good balance of features and affordability. Their inverter fridge range starts around PKR 104,500.00 for a basic model and goes up to PKR 260,999 for a feature-rich side-by-side model.


Inverter Fridge Price in Pakistan 2024

LG’s inverter fridge lineup caters to a variety of needs, with models ranging in size and configuration. If you’re looking for a compact option, the 11 cubic foot GN-B422SQCB top mount refrigerator is a great space-saver.

For those seeking a dedicated freezer compartment, the single-door GR-F411 ELDM offers a simple and efficient solution. Finally, for larger families or those who require ample storage, the 19 cubic foot GN-C752HQCL top-mount refrigerator provides generous space and LG’s inverter technology for superior energy efficiency and quiet operation. No matter your needs, LG has an inverter fridge that’s sure to keep your food fresh and cool while keeping your energy bills low.

Renowned for innovative features and advanced technology. Their inverter fridge prices start around PKR 220,000 for a smaller model and can reach PKR 450,000 for a premium option.


Inverter Fridge Price in Pakistan 2024

Haier, a top home appliance brand, is all about making life better with smart living. They’ve brought the latest fridges to Pakistan, featuring Smart inverter technology, showing their dedication to sustainability. Haier stands out as the only brand that truly listens to what customers need, making them the leader in the market.

The new Smart Inverter Refrigerator Series in Pakistan has super cool features, showing that Haier is leading the way in freshness.

These fridges are different because they save energy, standing out from regular ones. They also have a 2-in-1 function for energy saving and super-freezing. Plus, their cool design with eye-catching colours makes them a great addition to homes in Pakistan.

Another popular brand known for reliability and energy efficiency. Their inverter fridges start at around PKR 70,500 and can go up to PKR 122,800 for a mid-range model.


Inverter Fridge Price in Pakistan 2024

Samsung caters to diverse kitchen needs with its impressive array of inverter refrigerators. From the spacious 680L RS62R5001B4/SG SBS with all-around cooling, perfect for large families, to the more compact 411L RT42CG6420S9SG Top Mount Freezer with Optimal Fresh+ ideal for smaller spaces, Samsung offers a solution for everyone.

The Optimal Fresh+ technology in the RT42CG6420S9SG helps maintain optimal freshness for fruits and vegetables, while the all-around cooling in the RS62R5001B4/SG ensures consistent temperature throughout the entire refrigerator.

With a variety of sizes, configurations, and features like No Frost technology in the RZ32M71157F/SS, Samsung’s inverter fridges not only keep your food fresh but also boast energy efficiency. For even more options, explore the extensive selection available on Samsung’s official website.

Offering high-end features like smart connectivity and sleek designs, Samsung inverter fridges come at a premium. Prices start around PKR 309.000 and can reach a significant PKR 534,000 for a top-of-the-line model.

Finding the Perfect Inverter Fridge for You

With a diverse selection and a broad price range, the ideal inverter fridge for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider the size needed to accommodate your family’s requirements, prioritize the essential features, and compare energy efficiency ratings to ensure long-term savings. Don’t hesitate to research online reviews and compare prices at various electronics stores before making your purchase.

Additional Tips

  • Look for ongoing promotions and sales during festive seasons or clearance periods for potentially better deals.
  • Explore manufacturer warranties and after-sales service options before finalising your choice.
  • Consider the long-term benefits of energy efficiency. While a more energy-efficient model might have a higher upfront cost, the savings on your electricity bills over the lifespan of the fridge can be substantial.

Stay Cool and Save Green

By understanding inverter fridge prices in Pakistan and carefully considering your needs, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a cool and energy-efficient refrigerator that keeps your food fresh while saving you money in the long run. Happy shopping!

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