Microsoft new Windows logo design reveals?

Microsoft Design team revealed that it has been working along with various product design teams across the company to redesign over a 100 product icons. Microsoft is tweaking its Windows logo and the icons for many of the operating system’s apps.

All the design teams followed Microsoft’s Fluent Design System to design these icons to make them authentically represent the larger Microsoft brand.

While Microsoft Design only talked about products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, an even more prominent icon was also hidden in the collection.

It’s part of a bigger push to modernize Microsoft’s software and services under the Fluent Design set of principles. “With the newest wave of icon redesigns, we faced two major creative challenges,” explains Jon Friedman, corporate vice president of design and research at Microsoft. “We needed to signal innovation and change while maintaining familiarity for customers. We also had to develop a flexible and open design system to span a range of contexts while still being true to Microsoft.”

Microsoft designers are now working collaboratively internally in what’s described as an “open source” way.

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