Traffic E-Challans Can be Paid Using Internet Banking

The traffic police have recently been told of an option for paying tickets for traffic violation online and this alternative is now available in the province of Punjab.

E-challans are now eligible for public payments via internet banking at Bank Alfalah.

As per the details available, this option has been introduced by the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA). Now, people can use this option and pay their fines on the spot by following the steps listed below:

  • Log on to Bank Alfalah Internet Banking
  • Click on the ‘Services’ tab and go to the ‘Payments’ section
  • In this section, go to ‘Others’ and click GOPB
  • By entering your details here, e-challan payment can be made conveniently

It is important to point out that this option is only available in Punjab for now. This option will help facilitate the general public as they won’t have to stand in line at the bank or run from post to post to get their license back. This will also help reduce the burden on the system.

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