Save the Number of Helpline to Complaint Against Surgical Masks Profiteers

Islamabad police have set up a helpline to record citizens ‘ grievances and take prompt action against people who sell facemasks at higher rates or market them in the light of coronaviruses.

Following instructions from Inspector General of Police Muhamad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan, the helpline numbered 051-9259328, 1416 and 8787 was set up. He has requested strict action in the face of coronavirus concerns against those involved in gouging prices.

After the reported case of coronavirus in Islamabad, police and district administration have adopted proactive approach and steps are being taken to ensure availability of facemasks at normal prices in the market.

The raids are being conducted against those involved in black-marketing of masks as District Magistrate Islamabad has imposed section 144 against hoarding of facemasks.

A ban has been imposed for two months over charging higher prices on these masks while teams of District Administration are conducting raids at pharmacies in the city following directions of Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat.

The availability and prices of masks in the markets are being checked regularly while complaints at Citizens’ Portal are being reviewed in this regard. The masks are being imported from other cities and orders are being placed to ensure its frequent supply in the capital.

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