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LG Earbuds with Sanitizing Technology Launches in Asia

LG has launched two new TONE Free wireless earbuds in Asia that pledges to offer “an incredible sound quality” and are filled with many useful features. 

LG earbuds arrive with a UV nano charging cradle with infrared rays that sanitises the earbuds, removing 99.9 per cent of the bacteria while charging.However, they are not the first true wireless earbuds to offer this feature.

For now, the company is selling two versions in this market, HBS-FN7 and HBS-FN6. HBS-FN7 and HBS-FN6 from the new LG Tonefree series feature the technologies of Meridian Audio, the esteemed British audio technology firm and LG’s key contributor to provide superior performance.

Not only does it replicate a dynamic sound system that imitates the sensation of listening to actual speakers, but it also provides sounds with pristine precision, totally immersing the listener,” the company said in a statement.

Accessible via the LG Tonefree app that is compatible with android and iOS users. The case comes with LED lighting at the top, making it even easier to track charging rate and UVnano status.

According to the brand, the earbuds are being designed to fit securely into the ears with a head-centered weight distribution that lets them remain comfortable  together with lightweight, medical-grade ear gels that conform to the shape of the ear.

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