Here is New Honda CD 70 With “101 Changes”

Atlas Honda has launched the all-new Honda CD 70, model 2022. And the company has claimed, this time, it has not only changed the stickers but has also offered a number of upgrades in the frame and engine. As per the artworks circulating on social media, the new bike has “101 changes”, including new stickers, environment-friendly seating and a high-performance engine.

New Honda CD 70 Upgrades
New Honda CD 70 Upgrades


To be more precise, there are 43 Design Change Points in the engine and 58 changes in the frame of the new Honda CD 70. Although we cannot share these 101 changes with you, however, here are the top 10 major changes in this new bike.

Changes in New Honda CD 70

So, here are the 10 upgrades or changes in the new bike:

  • The first upgrade is Low Friction Piston Rings as the first ring is made of Chromium Nitride and the second has Hard Chrome Coating Oil Ring -also made of Chromium Nitride –increasing the performance and smoothness of the engine.
  • Then comes the Low Friction Piston Design, which is Oval Crown Piston making it more efficient.
  • The third change is a Higher Compression Ratio, meaning the engine has High-Temperature Resistance with New Combustion Chamber Design.
  • On the fourth number comes the Increased Displacement, meaning the company has Enhanced Thickness of Engine Sleeves with Bigger Fins. These changes mean better heat exchange and long-lasting performance.
  • The next upgrade is New Clutch Assembly which means the new bike has Better Clutch Friction for smoother shifting and a comfortable ride.
  • The eighth upgrade is in Cylinder Head as Honda has increased the Cylinder Studs Thickness and Bigger Fins. These changes will again make heath exchange better.
  • The second-last is Seat Assembly which is developed with an Environment-Friendly Seat Base.
  • Last but not least, the bike has Attractive New Stickers, which enhances the beauty of the bike. On the red variant, the stickers are made of Green, Yellow and Grey color, while Yellow, Golden and Grey colors are used in the black variant.

These are some of the major changes in the new Honda City, and we hope that these will help you make an educated decision while buying this bike.

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