How Did the Stolen Bentley Come to Pakistan?

You’ve probably seen the Bentley that was stolen in London and found in Karachi in pictures and videos that have been going everywhere. How did it get there, though? Let us simplify things for you.

What Actually Happened?

A British intelligence agency informed the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement Office of Pakistan of the existence of a grey Bentley Mulsanne, V8 Automatic, with the VIN number SCBBA63Y7FC001375 and engine number CKB304693. The Bentley was allegedly stolen from London, United Kingdom, but was discovered at DHA Karachi.

On August 30, 2022, the CCE Karachi conducted a raid and discovered the grey Bentley parked on the porch due to this unprecedented news. The front of the car featured the hand-made Pakistani registration plate BRS 279 (2020 Sindh). But it was discovered that the engine’s chassis number matched the one that had been stolen in London.



How Did It Happen?

Jameel Shafi, the property owner, was asked to give documentation of the car once the vehicle was recovered. He responded by saying that a man by the name of Naveed Bilwani had reportedly sold the car to him and assumed full liability for the vehicle’s paperwork. The car was taken away by the car carrier since the car keys were not available.

There are claims of both domestic and foreign corruption in this situation. Associate ambassador for Bulgaria in 2020. A corruption investigation led to the recall of Prof. Aleksandar Borisov Parashkevov to Bulgaria.

The ambassador was discovered to be misusing his powers under the Geneva Convention and giving his associates, who were Pakistani businessmen, imported luxury vehicles. One of those vehicles was this grey Bentley Mulsanne, which the ambassador imported while using his diplomatic authority and was still listed in the Sindh Excise Records under his name. The Bentley Mulsanne was taken from London, United Kingdom, and was later discovered in Karachi, which is an unusual development.

Any imported luxury vehicle must follow the standard registration process in order to be registered. It is necessary to secure documentation, such as selling authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a NOC from Pakistan Customs, and a receipt for duty and tax payments.

The Sindh Excise and Taxation Department was in charge of registering this automobile with all of the necessary paperwork. Instead, the vehicle was registered without finishing all the necessary procedures.

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