Samsung Unveils Its First Wearable Galaxy Ring

Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Ring at the Mobile World Conference (MWC 2024), offering more details about the wellness-oriented wearable device. Available in platinum silver, gold, and ceramic black, the Galaxy Ring is designed to prioritize health and wellness and is expected to hit the market later this year.

While Samsung initially provided minimal information about the Galaxy Ring during its teaser at Unpacked last month, today’s reveal sheds more light on the device. Described as a chonky, concave ring comparable in size to the Oura, the Galaxy Ring will come in sizes 5 to 13, marked S through XL inside the band. Despite its larger size, it is surprisingly lightweight.

The device’s battery capacity will vary based on size, ranging from 14.5mAh to 21.5mAh, with battery life details yet to be disclosed. However, Samsung VP Dr. Hon Pak outlined key features in a blog post, stating that the Galaxy Ring will track sleep using heart rate, movement, and breathing data to provide personalized advice. Additionally, data from partner Natural Cycles will enhance fertility tracking, similar to the Oura.

The Galaxy Ring introduces the My Vitality Score tool, measuring alertness to help users optimize their performance. Feedback will be provided through Booster Cards offering science-based tips derived from sleep and other collected data.

As part of the Samsung Health ecosystem, the Galaxy Ring will be compatible with the Galaxy Watch, allowing users to seamlessly track their health using both devices simultaneously. Notably, the ring’s design makes it less intrusive during sleep.

Further details, including the sensor suite, pricing, and availability, will be revealed in the coming months. Initially exclusive to Samsung Galaxy phones, the company aims to expand compatibility to other Android devices, with iOS compatibility under consideration.

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