Pakistan Origin Card (POC): An Overview of the Identity Document for Pakistani Origin Individuals

For individuals with connections to Pakistan, the Pakistan Origin Card (POC) presents a distinctive opportunity. It strengthens their bonds with their Pakistani heritage.

Whether you’re an expatriate aiming to reinforce your connection to Pakistan or someone with familial roots in the country, the POC extends a host of benefits and privileges.

What is a POC?

The Pakistan Origin Card is an identity card issued to individuals of Pakistani origin who have lost their Pakistani citizenship. While POC holders are not considered Pakistani citizens. They enjoy the privilege of traveling to and residing in Pakistan without a visa, as long as their POC remains valid.

POC Benefits

The POC offers a range of benefits and privileges aimed at encouraging eligible foreigners to reconnect with their Pakistani heritage. Some key benefits include:

  • Multiple visa-free entries into Pakistan.
  • Indefinite stay in Pakistan without the need to report to the police or foreign registration offices.
  • Right to purchase, sell, and own property in Pakistan.
  • Right to open and operate bank accounts within Pakistan.
  • Swift immigration into and from Pakistan at designated routes.
  • Proof of identity in place of a National Identity Card.
  • Employment opportunities.

POC Eligibility

The POC is given to individuals whose parents have renounced Pakistani citizenship to acquire nationality in a country without a dual nationality arrangement with Pakistan. Additionally, foreign spouses of Pakistani origin are eligible to obtain the POC.

Eligibility scenarios include:

  • Former Pakistani nationals who have renounced Pakistani citizenship and hold nationality in a country without a dual nationality agreement.
  • Foreign nationals whose parents or grandparents were Pakistani nationals.
  • Foreign nationals married to Pakistani or ex-Pakistani citizens.

Countries with Dual Nationality Agreements

Several countries have established dual nationality agreements with Pakistan. These include Australia, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, among others.

POC Requirements

To apply for the POC, applicants must provide specific documentation tailored to their circumstances. Required documents typically include copies of CNIC/NICOP, passports of Pakistani relatives, attested marriage certificates, and more.

How to Apply for the POC?

Applicants can apply for the POC through the official Pak Identity website, choosing from new, modification, renewal, or cancellation categories. Once issued, the POC will be delivered to the applicant’s doorstep.

POC Fees

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has established a transparent fee structure for POC applications.

For more information on the POC fee structure, applicants can visit the official NADRA website.

In conclusion, the Pakistan Origin Card is a meaningful avenue for individuals to reconnect with their Pakistani heritage, fostering a strong bond between the motherland and expatriates worldwide.

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